Sunday, September 9, 2012

July and August!!

I know that it has been too long since I posted, but here is all the crazy busy and fun thing that we have been doing in the last couple of months!!
 We had a great 5 year anniversary!  We spent the weekend with just each other and shopped!  It was great!!
 Mac and I went to the pool a lot this summer!  He mostly went to the child care place and I went to the pool!! It was great!! He did really like swimming in the pool!
 I just love this picture!  Mac loves the bath!
 The 24th of July is always so much fun!  We went to a dinner party and then the fire works with my family.  They are always really good!  I love fire works!

 The last week of July we went to Lake Powell.  We left Mac with his Bumma in Salt Lake.  It was the first time leaving him for that long...but it was great and all was well!  We had so much fun at Lake Powell!!  
 Matt and I went and explored the rocks by out boat!
 There were three prego ladies at Powell this year!  I was just glad that I wasn't this year!

Out to dinner with my boys!!
 The second week of August we went to Yellowstone for a long weekend.  The boys all rode their motorcycles and us girls took turns riding and driving the truck!  It was a lot of fun!  We went to different places this year from last year.
 There were lots of stinky geysers and pools that we went to.
 Mac always rode in our backpack carrier and he did so good!  He would fall asleep and it was so funny!
 We went to two different waterfalls!  They were so beautiful!  This one was a really tall one.
 This is the lower waterfalls that we went to last year.  Last year we went to the top of the falls.  This year we went to the bottom.  There were around 350 stairs to the bottom.  It was kind of scary going to these stairs that looked like they were barely hooked on the mountain.
We have had a great couple of months!!  We are now working on putting our yard together...which is not so fun.  I will post pics of them soon!

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jendegiulio said...

I love Lake Powell, havent been in forever though. Thats a fun pic you took of the ladies prego & love all the painted toes. Looks like you had fun shopping too!