Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mac Turns ONE!!

WARNING: Over load of pics!
 We had a family party on Sunday with both Matt and my family.  We had dinner, cake and ice cream, opened presents and had a blast!!  We had mock Costa Vida for dinner and it tuned out great!!
 I made monster cups
 Mac helped open most of the presents but he didn't really care.  He loves all of his new toys to play with!!
 Mac and his cakes.  I baked and did the base frosting and Matt did the "monster" details.  He didn't really understand how to blow out the candles.  But he totally knew how to eat it!!

 He was a little shy at first...

Then he dug in!! 

 All messy!!
 Matt threw him in the tub right after, and of  course he loved it!!
We had a great birthday!!  He is such a joy in our lives!!  Happy Birthday Mac!!