Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 Us visiting Em's grave.  Love you Em!!
 Then we went bowling.  Mac and Kaiz were both thrilled to be there.  We could get Mac to smile for most of the time!

 Some of the gang.  Mom bowling.  I am basically the worst bowler in the world.  I was dead last.  Even behind the kids.

 Finally we got Mac to smile!
Matt bowling.  He won...I lost.  Neat huh!
 May 18th was Emily's birthday!  I decided that we should have party!  It was fun!  We had dinner, a cake, and balloons which we released.

 All of us with the balloons.  I didn't count very well, so we were a few balloons short.  The kids were sure that Emily was catching the balloons in heaven!

Happy Birthday Em!  Love and miss you!!