Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Latest Project

We got these chairs from a garage sale. They were not so cute and too tall. With help of my sister we redid them. Matt cut off the extra height.
We recovered the seats with this cute fabric.
I primed them and fixed some dents and dings.
My sister painted them.
Here is the final result. I really love them! They turned out really cute!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


OK, so I haven't blogged in a really long here is the catch up of what has been going on. Warning there was lot of catching up to do. We got to move into our house last weekend. I am so glad to be in!! Here are some pics. It is so messy because we are still unpacking boxes, but I was excited to post some pics!!

This is it!! It turned out even more beautiful than I expected!!
This is part of the mud room. Our washer and dryer are in here as well as a "craft table".
A view from the dining room of the family/great room.
This is the back deck. It has a great view of the west mountains!!
This is my kitchen!
This is the entry way. I want to pain this room also...
This is the upstairs guest bathroom. It is basically the only clean and decorated room in the house! Matt even likes it!
This is half of the master closet. I don't have any good pics of the master bedroom so there aren't any. I love the closet!!

These are the master bath. There is no shower wall and door yet. They will be in next week. I love the tub!! It is so nice to relax in! There is a separate toilet room(not pictured). Paint will be coming to this part of the house soon!
I didn't put any pics of the nursery...because it is just white walls with nothing in there. We are going to start it soon, so I will post before and after pics!


We went to Yellowstone for a fun weekend. There was lots of beauty and fun and mosquitoes.
It's a small pic, but there is a momma bear and two cubs!

Some of the beautiful sights!
Kaizley loves her grandpa!!

Us by some hot pots that were really stinky!
Me and the I am getting big! PS we are naming him Maclain.

This is the lower falls. I almost died hiking to them...
This is another waterfall, not sure which one. It was a fun weekend.

4th of July!

We had an awesome 4th!! The fire works were really really super fantastic!! Matt took some great pics of the fireworks!

Diamond Rio came to perform at the fireworks. They was GREAT!!

It's A...

We are having a ....BOY!! I know I am a slacker....we have known for two months. But hey, better late than never!