Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Fun

This is our St. Patrick's Day dinner. We had lettuce wraps, pear jello, asparagus, and green velvet cupcakes (seen later). It was fun!
Us girls went a got pedicures!! It was really nice to relax. And now my toes are ready to see the sun!

Oh by the way...I cut my hair, about 10 inches.
Mel cut her hair too, then I dyed it!
These are the green velvet cupcakes that I made. They looked really good but they didn't taste the best. It wasn't a very good recipe. The frosting on the other hand was delicious... really can you go wrong with butter cream frosting?

We had our first B-B-Q! It was fun!
She's enjoying her B-B-Q peanut butter and jam...
We went shooting up Hyde Park Canyon. Matt went on three separate days.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Name Tag

I leave my stethoscope hanging around at work all of the time so I decided to make a name tag. Some of my friends at work showed me how to make this. I put sprinkles in it to make it more colorful! Matt had to help me put it together... I'm not so good and putting things together sometimes:) Now no one will steal it...hopefully.