Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today's Advnture!

So we had a little crazy fun and went .... SKYDIVING!! It was really fun! Hopefully I can get more pictures from some of the other people that were there.
This is us being nervous... can't you tell?
This is the plane that we jumped out of.
This is the crew. I was the only girl that jumped!
This is us in our jumping gear. About 15 min. later we were free falling from 14000 feet!! I was hooked on to a guy named Matt. Ironic huh? So we free fell from 14000 feet to 6000 feet when he pulled the cord and floated nicely down to the ground. I was sick for the rest of the day... with ear aches and woosyness, but it was worth it!!

For our 1 year anniversary Matt got me a Blackberry 8830 phone.... and I LOVE IT. Isn't she beautiful!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

We went to Moody Gardens for our 1 year anniversary. It was a ton of fun! The Aquarium was awesome!! We sat in there for hours looking at the fish.
Matt touching his first starfish.
I think that I look good as a frog don't you...
We wore these awesome glasses for the IMax movies.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun In The Sun!

The beach at Galveston. Not the most beautiful but still tons of fun!
A girl from our ward who is my friend and her daughter came with us to the beach. We had fun playing in the mud!

Friday, July 4, 2008

This is us at the fire works from our view at the nursing home. Matt the wonderful husband that he is came and we watched the fire works from work.... yes I had to work. But it ended up being a good night!
The view from the nursing home.
The illegal fireworks that we enjoyed. Did you know that it is illegal to do even sparklers in the city limits... the cops came over and let us know.
These are the two women that I work with everyday! They are amazing and so good to me!

I bought very dark purple finger nail polish and actually wore it on my fingernails. It was fun!