Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lake Powell!!

Two weeks ago we went on our annual Lake Powell trip with my family! It is always so much fun!! This year was a little different for me, being prego, but was still awesome!!
Matt and I floating... I did this A LOT!
Matt on the SkySki. My little bro has almost perfected a back flip!
Some of us girls reading in the tube. I also did this a lot!
This is the view from our houseboat. It was a great spot, shade on the boat all day and out of the way from the more popular places!!
Of course it wouldn't be a trip if Matt didn't catch some living thing, here is a toad.
The water was high enough to drive right up to the sand dunes. We haven't been able to do this for years! Matt tumbled down the hill, this is what he looked like when he got to the bottom!
It is a tradition to paint EVERYONE'S toes (boys included) and take a pic.
We had some family pics taken. They turned out really cute!!
Matt doing a back flip into the water.
We were here over Kaizley's 1st birthday, so to celebrate some of the boys jumped, dove, fell in to the water just for her. Matt is the cool swan dive on top!