Monday, September 21, 2009

I graduated from WSU Nursing program this spring and my mom gave me a card that said for graduation she was going to make me a quilt. After a lot of hard work and time this is the awesome result! Thanks MOM!! I love it!!

It is stitched together with lime green thread, so it looks awesome against the purple!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ok so I have been a HUGE slacker... but you know how it goes. Life gets busy and the blog gets forgotten about. Well here is what has been going on. We went to Lake Powell... The BEST place on earth. Here are some pics from there.
Matt and I in the ski boat.
This is the 33'' yucky cat fish that Matt caught.
It is so beautiful here! I love it!
Boys will be boys!! All the boys try to do tricks with the wave runners.

I fished too... this is the only fish that I actually caught. Matt let me reel in some of the big ones, but this one I got all on my own.