Thursday, May 3, 2012

Willow Park Zoo

A friend Loni and her babe invited us to go to the small zoo that we have here.  Really the kids didn't care very much but it was really fun!  There was a peacock with all of its feathers out doing a dance and shaking its feathers.  It was like a mating dance.  In the background you can see the female peacock by the male.  It was really cool!  It let us take pictures really close.  

6 mo. Check Up

A couple of weeks ago Mac had his 6 month check up.  He is growing just right, but had an sinus and double ear infection!  His stats are:
Weight: 16.9lbs. 38%
Height: 26.25in. 43%
Head: 17.1in 42%
He is growing up fast! He now can army crawl, likes to make the mmm sound and the bababa sounds.  He likes to chew on anything and everything.  He can sit up all by himself.  He likes to make noises with his lips (dad says he is beat boxing).  He still pukes a lot.  He always is smiling, and is the cutest baby ever! We sure love this little boy!!