Friday, July 13, 2012


 5 years ago on Friday the 13th I married my best friend!!  Love you babe!!  We got to take a fun trip.  More pics to follow!
We went to the temple to celebrate!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Here are the rest of the pics off of my phone. (so the are a little blurry :()
 Matt and I at the fireworks
 Me and Mac before I went to work
Mac playing on the grass at grandma's house!! 

Happy 4th!!

 We had a GREAT 4th!  On the 3rd we went to the fireworks at the stadium.  We didn't sit in the stadium but outside at a new spot and it was perfect!  They were so good, as always!  My dad stayed at home so we left Mac at home with him.  I kind of felt guilty for leaving him at home... but it's not like he would like them anyways right!  On the 4th we went water skiing and then the rest of the fam had a BBQ and I went to work.  I only had to work for half of the night so it was perfect!  On Friday and Saturday we bought fireworks.  The new big aerial ones that we can do now were AWESOME!!  We had some much fun shooting them off.  It was just us and the Nell fam

 So we went a little sparkler crazy!  We went to this stand that was closing so they gave us killer deals on fireworks.  Then after we bought the fireworks they gave us some HUGE sparklers that were neon!  It was fun.  Once again we left Mac asleep inside.

Overall we had a great 4th!  It is always so fun!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happenings of June

 My good friend Loni and her babe Laelia went to the park with us for lunch.  The kido's had fun and it was good to chat!

 We went to Benson on Sat. and took the wave runners.  It was fun.  Mac hated the wave runner.  He cried the whole min he was on there!

 A different Sat we went to Glendale for the evening.  Mac and I mostly stayed on the beach.  It was too rough to ski, but we had fun on the surf board.  It was Krisy first time on the surf board.

 Ky and James on the board together.

 Mac is such a fun boy!  He is getting so big!
He discovered to joy of toilet paper!  He now has two bottom teeth and has two coming in on the top.  He can say momma and dadda and makes the babba sounds.  He likes to stand on anything he can and walk with the furniture.  He loves to eat anything he can get this hands on!!  He is such a JOY!!