Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mac's 1 yr Visit

Mac went to the Doctor this week for his one year visit!  We were surprised that he really hadn't gained much weight!  He was so good getting his shots!  His stats are
Weight: 19.95 lbs -- 8%
Height: 30.25 in -- 57%
He is walking (he started walking around 10.5 mo.) and loves to explore EVERYTHING!!  He says momma and dadda, and ut-oh, and gibber jabbers all day long!  I am so grateful for this little boy!  He brings so much joy to our lives!!

Friday, November 2, 2012


 Mac was Superman for Halloween!  At the first house we went to he started to cry when he was offered candy... It was funny!  As always we went to my parents after to have stew and home made doughnuts!  It was a fun Halloween!!

 Mac LOVES suckers!  He had his first one this week and now every time he sees one he cries for it!  
 The Monday before Halloween we carved our pumpkins!  It was really fun!!  I did dots, Mac did a turtle and Matt did the eye!

Pumpkin Walk

 A few weeks ago we went to the Pumpkin Walk!  It is always so fun to go see all of the creative scenes.  At the end there is these fun places to put your face.  Mac didn't really get it, but it was still fun!